Special Big Scales


We deal in a wide variety of models ranging from civilian to military scale models. Part of our civilian collection is a category we make and is called the “Retro and Classic Cars” category. Through our technology “made by hand”, we have been able to fashion large scale models to look like vintage cars dating back as early as the 1920’s. So, if you are looking for a vintage, antique, or classic car model, this is where you will find them. It is commonly known as the “Special Big Scale (SBS)”, owing to its rather unique big scale. This category contains two big scales, the 1:10 and the rather big 1:8 scale model cars - particularly retro and classic model cars. These large scale model cars are composed mostly of vintage model car kits and classic car model kits. These models are the “super-cars” of their time, the prime high-end exotic cars that were in huge demand then. What we do and offer is/are:

  • "we make your car", i.e. we design and produce new prototypes at an affordable price;
  • kits which are RTP(ready to paint) with max.150-200 pieces prepared for paint and fit;
  • we offer variants for all the models in production;
  • we can use materials from resin to full metal models. READ MORE...